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Interface to Accelerator Control System

A dedicated FESA class [2,3,4,6] running on the Front-End Controller (FEC) acts as a server for all required properties. Any client such as a GUI may subscribe to these properties to GET and SET data. This client-server architecture requires a network middleware, here RDA (Remote Data Access). The Profinet infrastructure requires the SILECS [10] gateway, a software interface between FESA and PLC systems.

White Rabbit Timing

Any of the SCR DAQ systems require connection to the White Rabbit timing system [7]. Depending on the chosen DAQ form factor, a suitable Fair Timing Receiver Node (FTRN [8]) has to be integrated. The cameras are triggered via the CPS8 directly from the FTRN. The FTRN settings for the trigger are handled via the SCR FESA class.

Beam Transmission Monitoring

The system will not be included into the beam transmission monitoring system.

Machine Protection

The system will not be part of the machine protection system.

Accelerator and Beam Modes

It is anticipated, that the system will handle the proposed Accelerator and Beam Modes. More details can be found in [9]. The implementation of these modes has to be discussed with CSCO.


It is anticipated that the SCR system will be included into the archiving system.


The SCR system will not be part of the alarming system.

Expected Data Supply from LSA

The system will be connected to the LSA settings management [5].

The following beam parameters are expected from the LSA before each cycle:

• ion mass
• ion Charge
• expected beam intensity (number of particles or current)
• gain
• ion type

Miscellaneous (Interlock etc.)

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