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Tasks of the DS team are data acquisition and software.

The data acquisition for beam diagnostics at the FAIR project is part of an In-kind contribution. It will be mainly delivered and prepared by the GSI beam diagnostics department.



Production systems
list of DAQ systems in operational use

DAQ Systems for beam diagnostic devices
covers all aspects concerning the daq systems for every beam diagnostic device, e.g. BLM, BCT, FCups etc.

Software and Software Tools
covers all aspects concerning FESA developments, software tools, scripts, drivers, NODAL replacement, etc.

covers all aspects concerning the used hardware like creates, DAQ modules, cables, hardware development etc.

covers all aspects concerning the DAQ infrastructure like remote control issues, timing, networking etc. including PLCs

Documentation, Training and Education
covers all aspects concerning talks, manuals for Java, Fesa, Maven, SVN and all stuff required for developing DAQ system in the control system

DAQ EOI Project Management
covers organisational infos, lists, plans, decisions a.s.o.

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