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Detector Hardware

The scintillating screen is inserted into the beam under an angle of 45°. Through a viewport, located at 90° with respect to the beam, a camera observes the screen.

The drawing of the scintillating Screen setup on a flange with a target under 45° in respect to the beam.

Photo of the scintillating Screen setup

The mechanical constituents of one Scintillating Screen Setup are the following parts:

  • Detector consisting of scintillating screen and target holder.
  • Pneumatic driven linear actuator.
  • Diagnostic chamber for installation of linear actuators.
  • Additional parts for detector installation on linear actuator.

Pneumatic Driven Linear Actuator

The linear actuator moves the detector (scintillating screen and holder) into the beam center and out of the beam. The four different detectors are foreseen correspond to four different linear actuators.

Detector Distance Flange-Beam Stroke [mm] Bakeout BD-type number Drawing number
FT-DF 2010 270 150 No FT-DL 2210 BD-1018821-A-000
FT-DF 2011 270 150 Yes FT-DL 2220 BD-1018881-A-000
FT-DF 2020 370 200 No FT-DL 2230 BD-1014852-A-000
FT-DF 2021 370 200 Yes FT-DL 2240 BD-1018450-A-000

Technical drawing of linear actuator with camera setup

Photo of complete mechanical and optical system for scintillating screen.

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