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Beam loss monitoring system (BLM) is used to monitor the beam losses. If beam interacts with the inner side of a beam tube, the lost particles hit the walls and create secondary particle showers, which can be observed and measured outside of the beam tube

  • plastic scintillators are very fast and suitable for all types of losses
  • the usage is recommended for loss rates up to few 10^7 counts per second
  • each detector has the same response function

  • based on plastic scintillator
  • 16 (18) locations along the HADES beamline
  • stand alone solution for LASSIE Data Acquisition System (HHT Dach)
  • fully FAIR compatible System

BLM Locations

1 GS06DL5I in front of magnetic Septum
2 GS06DL5A behind magnetic Septum
3 GTE1DL1 behind TE1QD12
4 GTS1DL1 behind TS1MU1
5 GTE2DL1 behind TE2QT13
6 GTE3DL1 behind TE3MU1
7 GTH1DL1 behind TH1QD12
8 GHHTDL1 behind HHTMU1
9 GTH2DL1 behind TH2QD11
10 GTH2DL3 behind TH2QD12
11 GTH2DL4 behind TH2QD21
12 GTH2DL5 in front of TH3MU1
13 GTH3DL1 behind TH3MU1
14 GHADDL1 in front of HADQD11
15 GHADDL2 behind HADQD11
16 GHADDL3 behind HADQD12
17 GHADDL4 in front of HADQD41
18 GHADDL5 behind HADQD42


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