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A quick guide for using this wiki.


In order to write articles, questions or comments you need to register for our wiki. To do so just click on the 'login' button at the upper-right and afterwards on the link 'register'.


In order to edit existing articles click on the 'edit this page' button at the bottom. The page source will be shown. You can simply add or delete text like in a word processor. Formatting can be done by the buttons above the text field. You can have a look at your changes by clicking on 'preview' below the text field. If you are done with editing fill out the 'edit summary' and hit 'save'.

If you are not familiar with wikis feel free to use the sandbox for experiments.


In order to create a new article you have to type the namespace followed by a colon followed by the name of the article into the serach field in the left sidebar (in this case 'usage:manual'). If the page does not exist you are asked to create it. Now continue with editing.

PDF Export

In order to export a wiki page to PDF use a PDF printer driver (e.g. FREE PDF Printer).

Have a look at this manual in PDF format: manual.pdf

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