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CUPID µTCA Settings

CUPID = Control Unit for Profile and Image Data

The microTCA based DAQ for this type of measurements consists of:

  • Native R2 6 Slot MTCA.4 chassis
  • CCT AM G64 Xeon CPU
  • Vadatech AMC217 GbE switch
  • Nat-Phys-80 MCH

To optimize the setup following configuration settings were applied:

on Vadatech AMC217:

  • connect via local LAN ( on web browser
  • disable spanning tree
  • disable Port 1 on mTCA backplane


  • provide web access via console (DHCP on)
  • via web access disable port 1 and activate Port VLAN
  • disable in Port VLAN all connections from AMC1-6 to FRT1 and CPU1
  • enable only link between FRT1 and CPU1 and UPDB and CPU1.
  • A working config can be loaded here.

Example Port VLAN setting:

MCH Hub Module AVR Update

Please check on MCH web access under Board Information, Hub Module Information, the Microcontroller Version number. It should be V1.8 or higher. There has been a bug with V1.7 which led to complete PCIe Links loss after setting VLAN parameter, e.g. by loading the nat_mch_running_cfg.txt file. To update the AVR for the Hub Module use:

Update via Web access: V1.8 Use the MCH web access, there Update MCH. Upload the tar ball.

Update via script:

The hex file for V1.8 is offered at fsl00c tftp server under /lobi/firmware/mch_pcie_x80_avr_pcb1_2_v1_8.hex An example script also can be found in the same folder via asl740:/common/tftp/lobi/firmware which needs to be edited before usage. The script requires telnet access without pw to the MCH.

Update manually via CLI on MCH:

Have the hex file. Go to MCH command line interface (CLI) and enter diag. The select 11, 2, 3. Enter

Reboot MCH. Check new Firmware version under web access/ board information /Hub module information

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