Workshop on ‘Scintillating Screen Applications in Beam Diagnostics’

Presentations online on the proceedings page.

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to participate in an informal Workshop on ‘Scintillating Screen Applications in Beam Diagnostics’ to be held at

GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research Darmstadt, Germany,

from 14th to 15th of february, 2011.

Scintillating screens are commonly used for direct beam observations in nearly all accelerator facilities from the source up to the target locations. The goal of this workshop is to exchange ideas, to report on recent developments and to communicate experiences at contributing institutes. There is broad agreement that developing a detailed knowledge and understanding of dynamical material properties requires fundamental research in this field. The workshop will provide the opportunity to continue and enhance discussions with the experts from different accelerator facilities and material science.

With best regards, the Organising Committee:
Peter Forck (GSI, Darmstadt)
Gero Kube (DESY, Hamburg)
Andreas Peters (HIT, Heidelberg)
Marcus Schwickert (GSI, Darmstadt)
Christina Trautmann (GSI, Darmstadt)
Beata Walasek-Höhne (GSI, Darmstadt)
Kay Wittenburg (DESY, Hamburg)

Local Organising Committee:
Peter Forck
Rainer Haseitl
Paola Karampougiouki
Marcus Schwickert
Beata Walasek-Höhne
Stefanie Wild
--> Christiane Andre <--

Thanks for participating :-)

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